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Hi-Rel Die Products

Hi-Rel Die Products Image

Our standard product range covers a wide temperature range and spans functions from simple diodes to complex digital ICs.

Obsolete Die Recreation

Obsolete Die Recreation Image

Matching of die size, wire-bond configuration and like-for-like electrical performance delivers a qualified replacement die solution.

Discrete & IC Design

Discrete & IC Design Image

Suitable for low-to-medium volume or hi-rel applications. We combine technical requirement with project economics for a viable die solution.

Featured Products



This crystal input CMOS oscillator operates over a wide frequency range up to 110MHz. The device provides selectable output divide ratios, multiple crystal drive levels and selectable rise + fall timing options with minimal external components.

Voltage Regulator


Low-noise, ultra-low dropout linear regulator with 2.5V-6V input & 500mA output current. The part delivers very low power consumption & integrates rugged protection features. Simple operation & small-size passive compatibility provide ease of use.

News & Articles

Continued Support for obsolete Fairchild Zener Bare Die

Continued Support for obsolete Fairchild Zener Bare Die

A range of former Fairchild branded Zener Bare Die Products were made obsolete due to commercial & o...

SOI Full-Bridge FET Gate Driver

SOI Full-Bridge FET Gate Driver

SOI FET Gate Driver for Full-Bridge / H-Bridge & Motor Control applications enhances performance + r...

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