Discrete & ASIC IC die design and production

We utilize a team of 15 skilled designers with an average semiconductor design experience of 18 years in order to design and produce a wide range of custom Discretes and IC die built using standard silicon processes.
We use parallel co-working to deliver the fastest possible design process, multiple design groups work simultaneously on individual elements of an IC implementation (i.e. LNA, mixer, ADC, demodulator…).

The range of product we support is wide encompassing most technologies.

We are not a high volume state-of-the-art sub-micron driven producer and focus on low to medium volume applications and long-term program support.

We can assist where an application is specialist, niche market or does not have the economic scale to meet the minimum production requirements of larger commercial wafer fabs.


Reasons to develop a Custom IC:

  • Combine multiple ICs into one IC, or convert multiple discretes onto one IC
  • Incorporate functionality that is bespoke or not available in the standard market
  • Make available a product or function in die form that is only available in the finished package format elsewhere
  • Create die to solve supply problems caused by obsolescence or problematic supply chains
  • Gain a higher level of strategic control or IP protection.