Specialist designer & producer of high reliability bare die

A solution based provider of Silicon Discrete & IC bare die for use in niche trailing edge & leading edge applications.  Our technical support + engineering focus solves supply chain problems & enables new product innovation. 

Serving Aerospace & Defense, Space, Medical & Industrial markets. We offer a unique bare die resource centred around ease of access, ease of use.

Standard bare die products

General purpose die characterized for use in high reliability applications spanning hybrid circuits, Multi-Chip-Modules (MCM) and ceramic packages.  We source silicon from a variety of different wafer fabs based on the required process technology.

Where a specific function is not in the product range it can potentially be developed and added.  (Subject to commercial criteria)

EOL / Obsolete bare die replacements

Drop-in direct electrical and mechanical replacement of obsolete or EOL (End-Of-Life) die products still needed for long term programs. 

Typical drivers:

  • Exhausted stocks
  • Provenance of aftermarket stock presents risk
  • Pricing on residual inventory becomes commercially prohibitive.

IC bare die design

Custom design and production of ASIC bare die.  We use a variety of different wafer fabs based on required process technology and own our product. 

Typical drivers:

  • Specific electrical and functional requirements
  • Improvement on an existing product functionality
  • Integration of multiple components into a single monolithic solution
  • Making a function available in die form which available elsewhere only in the packaged form.