Product Family: Small-Signal & RF Schottky

These small-signal schottky bare die offer diode solutions for general purpose & specialist applications. Offering high speed switching & lowest in class forward voltage, our products push the schottky process limits. Negative co-efficient of forward voltage assists high temperature projects.
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Available Products:

  • 1N5711
    The 1N5711 is a very high speed small-signal schottky diode which is well suited for high level detecting, mixing, switching, gating, log or A-D converting, video detecting, frequency discriminating, sampling, and wave shaping.
  • 1N5712
    Small Signal Diode
  • 1N6916
    Small Signal Diode
  • BAS70
    The BAS70 is a small-signal schottky diode suitable for signal detection and temperature compensation in RF applications and also as a general purpose low capacitance low inductance switching / clamping diode.
  • BAT54
    The BAT54 is a very fast small-signal schottky diode suited for high speed switching applications, voltage clamping and circuit protection.
  • CD2810
    Small Signal Diode
  • SiS100SA5V
    The SiS3100SA5V is a Schottky barrier diode with 100V minimum breakdown and current capability of 0.5A. With a very small footprint, the diode suits use in both rectifier and general purpose applications that can leverage Schottky characteristics.
  • SiS30SA1L
    The SiS30SA1L is a highly efficient schottky barrier diode suited for currents up to 100mA. Optimized for both ultra-low leakage and low forward voltage this die delivers exceptional performance.
  • SiS30SA1V
    The SiS30SA1V is a forward voltage optimized schottky barrier diode suited for currents up to 100mA. At the physical limit of the silicon schottky process this product is intended for applications requiring the lowest possible forward voltage.