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Bare Die Data Sheet: 2N2222A

The 2N2222A is a general purpose medium power amplifier or switch in bare die form. PNP complement is 2N2907A.
These high reliability transistors are suited for assembly on thick & thin-film hybrid circuits with high mechanical quality & Gold back metallization. Electrically they are characterized over temperature & supplied in multiple hirel grade options.
  • Directly replaces legacy Fairchild, Microsemi, Motorola & National Semiconductor transistors.
  • Suited for use in Industrial, Medical, Military & Aerospace industry.
  • Small footprint for high integration & close placement to signal source.
  • Comitted long term support with no die mask changes.
Silicon Supplies
  Electrical Datasheet

Die Physical Data:
Footprint: 0.123mm² (189.876mil²)
X: 350µm (14mil)
Y: 350µm (14mil)
  Request Pad Layout
Product Families: Used for this device are tabulated below.
IC(Max): 0.600A
hFE1(Min): 100
hFE1(Max): 300
hFE1 @ IC: 150mA
hFE2(Min): 35
hFE2 @ IC: 0.10mA
VCE(sat)1(Max): 0.300V
VCE(sat)1 IC/IB: 0.15/15A/mA
VCE(sat)2(Max): 1.00V
VCE(sat)2 IC/IB: 0.5 / 50A/mA
fT(Min): 300MHz
Other Detail: Important information for this device is tabulated below.
Traffic light setting for Minimum Order Quantity indicates the following:
  • Green:Available from stock or at low factory MOQ.
  • Amber: Available on factory order with MOQ.
  • Red: High factory MOQ may apply, please ask for details.
Traffic light setting for High Reliability indicates the following:
  • Green: Available as a qualified High Reliability die from the manufacturer, please ask for specification.
  • Amber: Testing & qualification by Die Devices with warranty and certification (no OEM warranty), please ask for details.
  • Red: Available as a commercial grade die only.
Traffic light setting for Space Grade indicates the following:
  • Green: A die designed for Space is available from the manufacturer, please ask for specification.
  • Amber: Available in a Space qualified package and may be available as a die, please ask for details.
  • Red: Not available in Space qualified form. Available via 3rd party testing only, please ask for details.